October 22, 2016

The Inexplicably Low Success Rate of Involuntary Drivers Training

Have you ever attended Involuntary Drivers Training?  Perhaps you're an instructor?  I don't expect you to admit it if you are.  I think we've all been students, though, one time or another.

You don't enroll.  The anonymous instructors enroll you on an "as needed" basis.  When they see the "need", they just teach you that lesson!  It's like a public service!  And it's mobile; they come to you!

Here's an example of how it works.  If you should happen to misjudge the timing while turning left onto a road - resulting in an instructor having to slow down a bit - he will jump into action and respond to that "teachable moment."  Obviously what you have done is unsafe and rude.  You ought to have better judged his excess speed and waited for him to pass before turning out.  Silly you!  But since the best way to learn not to do something is to nearly die from of doing it, the instructor will help contrive the best learning conditions for you (in the absence of any actual danger of dying having existed).  Usually, this will take the form of him not applying his brakes until the very last moment that it will be effective and then to do so dramatically.  He'll teach you!!  (He is a public servant, after all).

Did you change lanes in front of someone who wanted to be in that space?  Well, a good Involuntary Drivers Training instructor will provide an enthusiastic lecture (even if you can't actually hear him) and may illustrate the serious danger of your actions by dramatically slamming on his brakes and then following you closely.  He may even gesticulate wildly in order to draw your attention to your errors.  To help you become a better driver.

Perhaps you have forgotten to use your turn signal.  You managed to survive as did everyone around you?  But, you really ought to use that signal every time and, if you check your rear view mirror, there is probably an Involuntary Drivers Training instructor behind you generously offering a colorful lecture for your education and edification!

You really have to hand it to those instructors; they're tireless, they're everywhere and they're always on the ready!

It's curious, though, that the success rate of Involuntary Drivers Training in rehabilitating dangerous drivers is so low.

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