October 6, 2016

Saints Preserve Us!! The Irish Fest Fiasco

I'm not sure how to say this nicely.  Some events bring out the goofs.  St. Patrick's Day in America is one of those events.  As they say, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day!  Well, of course, this is simply ridiculous.  I have actual Irish heritage, by which I mean my mother immigrated from Ireland as an adult, so I'm clearly more Irish than anyone else!  I'll give way only to people who have genuine Irish accents.  (Nevermind that I have never been to the old country myself)

When I attend an Irish festival, you understand why I look down my nose at those goofs celebrating the great Saint's feast by the wearing of the green - donning their best "Irish" attire.  You've seen them too, I'm sure.  Beer in hand (or hands), they have a shamrock painted on their cheek.  Yes, a few have on a Claddagh ring, but more are sporting a Kelly Green feather boa, University of Norte Dame T-shirt emblazoned with the "Fighting Irish" mascot, a fuzzy green Cat-In-The-Hat style hat.  You'll see vaguely pagan maiden costumes, Leprechaun shoes, shamrock shaped antennae headbands - you know, Irish attire.  Like everyone in Ireland always wears!

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Last time I witnessed such a preposterous display, I thought to myself, "What a bunch of maroons, goofing off, looking ridiculous, dancing . . . having fun.  Having fun!  Having more fun than I am, in fact."  And then, in a life shaking epiphany, it occurred to me, "Why don't I just enjoy seeing people having fun differently than me?  They're bringing joy to the world."

And so, I have laid down the burden of judging those who are harmlessly enjoying life differently than I do.  It's tempting to pick it up again at every opportunity, but my disinclination to do more work than necessary kicks in and lets them just have fun.

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