September 12, 2016

We don't Do like they used to Do!

    The other day while I was drying my hair with a hand held hair dryer (of course), I was thinking about how many kinds of hair styling technologies are available to us today.  It's literally scads!  Beginning with the above mentioned hand held dryer and including the curling iron, the crimping iron, hot curlers, the straightening wand, and loads of other things that I never use.

I was further thinking about how, in the 1960s and early '70s, women of all ages always went out with their hair styled, up in pouffy do's that must have taken a lot of effort to achieve.  Every day!  Think of That Girl, Mrs. Cleaver, Aunt Bea, Ellie Mae, even Wilma Flintstone!  Think about your own mother (if you're my age).  They didn't even have hand held hair dryers!!!  They had to go to the Beauty Parlor and use big, hard curlers held in with Bobby pins.  They sat under a big hair dryer for forty minutes.  They had to make that last all week!  And they did.  They knew things.  They knew how to tease their hair and, well, other stuff.

Here's my lovely mother with her Easter Coiffe.  That would be me on the right.  My hair skills haven't progressed much.

And to think, with all this technology at our fingertips, most of us these days settle for something about like this.  We call that progress?



  1. So true!! And my mom talks about having gone out in public and a Saturday afternoon with those big curlers on (and a scarf over her head) if there was some big to do that night. Can you imagine? Now we go the store in our pajamas. (Well I don't, but SOME people do!)

    1. Funny! People go out in the P.J.s now while our moms used to even sleep in their curlers!


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